About AIMS Ghana

The African institute for Mathematical Sciences is a non-profit pan-African network of Centres of Excellence in post-graduate education, research and outreach in mathematical sciences.

AIMS Ghana Campus

AIMS Ghana is a center for education, research and outreach in Biriwa, Ghana. AIMS-Ghana is a partnership project of the University of Cape Coast, University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, Herriot Watt University, Durham University, and Nanyang Technological University. The Centre was launched in August, 2012 as part of the AIMS-Next Einstein Initiative, a coordinated programme to launch 15 AIMS centres across the continent; an ambitious plan which has won support from the Governments of Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Tanzania and Canada; international companies such as Google, Mastercard, and Blackberry, and recently won the Project 10^100 competition, selected as one of 5 winners out of 150,000 entries.

The goals of AIMS are:

  • To promote mathematics and science in Africa
  • To recruit and train talented students and teachers
  • To build capacity for African initiatives in education, research, and technology

Over the last 10 years, AIMS has trained about 500 problem solvers (1/3 of whom are women) equipped with knowledge and skills needed to solve mathematical problems in key areas of development in Africa. From more than 35 African countries, students are trained to apply mathematical problem solving in finance and banking, health, Information and Communication Technology, food production, climate change forecasting and modeling, natural resource management, et cetera.

About 63% of students trained at AIMS remain in Africa to support Africa’s developmental growth.

Why AIMS Ghana

  • Science and technology are powerful forces for progress in global society and the global economy. For Africa to benefit fully _mg_71923from these forces it must build a strong indigenous capacity in both.
  • Mathematics underpins most of modern life – information and communication technology, genetics, medicine, finance, demographics and planning. Without mathematical training Africans will be unable to access the full power of new technologies to solve their countries’ problems.
  • Through its graduate programme and public outreach activities, AIMS-Ghana influences students’ choices at basic school and university level, drawing bright young Africans into mathematical and scientific careers.
  • Africa’s greatest resource is its people. There can be no more effective investment in Africa’s future than in education which empowers talented young people to contribute to their countries’ development.

The Campus

AIMS Ghana is located in a small coastal town of Biriwa on the Accra – Cape Coast road in the central region of Ghana, approximately 140km west of the national capital, Accra. The central region of Ghana is an area of breathtaking natural beauty and several popular tourist destinations including the famous Kakum National Park, and the Elmina Castle, the earliest European building in sub-Saharan Africa and a notorious nerve centre for the Atlantic slave trade. Please see the directions to AIMS-Ghana if you will be travelling here with your own vehicle.

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