Frequently Asked Questions on the MMST Program

Q1. Who qualifies for the program?

ANS. The MMST Program is for Ghanaian pre-tertiary teachers with a four-year bachelor degree with sufficient mathematical background.

Q1. Is the MMST Program for all countries?

ANS. The MMST Program is currently organized for only Ghanaians.

Q3. Who qualifies to be a referee to support an application?

ANS. Lecturers from previous studies and work superiors.

Q4. Can I send my application through the email address

ANS. Applications are made via the link provided in the call.

Q5. Can I send the recommendation letters myself?

ANS. Recommendations for applicants must be submitted directly by the referees to

Q6. Is the scholarship for the whole two years?

ANS. The MMST Program is a two-year fully funded program.

Q7. What does the scholarship covers?

ANS. The scholarship covers tuition, books, and materials, accommodation and meals at AIMS Ghana for the residential period, and the necessary IT equipment.

Q8. Do I require a financial commitment to be eligible for admission into the MMST Program?


Q9. What do you mean by hybrid (70% online and 30% residential) system?

ANS. The teacher-participant interactions in the MMST program involves a 70% online interactions and a 30% on campus (AIMS Ghana) interactions.

Q10. Can I change my application details after submitting my application?

ANS. A submitted application cannot be amended hence review your application for accuracy before submission. However, should your e-mail address change, please notify us via

Q11. What do I need to complete an application?

ANS. A completed online application form, curriculum vitae, four-year bachelor degree certificate, all post-secondary transcripts and certificates, and two letters of recommendation sent directly by two different referees.

Q12. Can my referee send recommendation after the application deadline?

ANS. All recommendations are expected to be submitted before the application deadline.