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Taught Master's Course Proposals

The Master's degree in the Mathematical Sciences is a 10-month programme which runs over 3 semesters. Course slots at AIMS Ghana are finalised by the Academic Director in discussion with the Academic Advisory Board.

Course Selection

As there are many more course proposals than available course slots, the submission of a course proposal does not guarantee automatic acceptance into the curriculum. The AIMS Ghana Board of Trustees reserves the right to actively recruit additional lecturers and schedule additional courses on an ad-hoc basis, in order to ensure a well-balanced course of the highest possible quality.

Master's Curriculum

After an introductory week, the curriculum for the AIMS Ghana Master's in Mathematical Sciences is divided into three categories: skills courses, review courses and a research project (where no formal courses are taught). These run in parallel with some continuous communication and computing classes presented by AIMS Ghana staff during all phases. Each course will consist of 30 hours contact time (10 per week), that is approximately 15 to 18 hours lecturing with additional time (12 to 15 hours) for discussion and practical/tutorial work.

Submission of Course Proposals

Course proposals are submitted to a central database hosted at AIMS South Africa. Please select "AIMS Ghana" on the course proposal form.

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